Cfmt - Contextual fmt inspired by bootstrap color classes


Contextual fmt

It provides contextual formatting functions that have nearly identical usage of the fmt package. The ideas were borrowed from bootstrap’s contextual color classes.


go get


package main import ( “log” “” ) func main() { cfmt.Success(“User was created successfully”) cfmt.Infoln(“Here are some candidates”) cfmt.Warningf("%s is not valid integer value\n", “123a”) log.Fatal(cfmt.Serrorf(“Only numeric is allowed, got %s”, “123.456a”)) }

cfmt output

Contextual functions

Note: cfmt.Errorf function does not do same things to fmt.Errorf, but to fmt.Printf with red colored text.

  • Success (Green)
    • Fsuccess, Fsuccessf, Fsuccessln
    • Success, Successf, Successln
    • Ssuccess, Ssuccessf, Ssuccessln
  • Info (Cyan)
    • Finfo, Finfof, Finfoln
    • Info, Infof, Infoln
    • Sinfo, Sinfof, Sinfoln
  • Warning (Yellow)
    • Fwarning, Fwarningf, Fwarningln
    • Warning, Warningf, Warningln
    • Swarning, Swarningf, Swarningln
  • Error (Red)
    • Ferror, Ferrorf, Ferrorln
    • Error, Errorf, Errorln
    • Serror, Serrorf, Serrorln



Nguồn : GitHub

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