Convert interface{} to map in Golang

I am trying to create a function that could accept following


Here struct could be any struct not just a specific one. Converting interface to *struct or []*struct is working fine. But giving error for map.

After reflect it shows it is map[] but giving error when try to iterate over range.

Here is code

package main

import (

type Book struct {
    ID     int
    Title  string
    Year   int

func process(in interface{}, isSlice bool, isMap bool) {
    v := reflect.ValueOf(in)

    if isSlice {
        for i := 0; i < v.Len(); i++ {
            strct := v.Index(i).Interface()
            //... proccess struct

    if isMap {
        fmt.Printf("Type: %v\n", v)     // map[]
        for _, s := range v {           // Error: cannot range over v (type reflect.Value)
            fmt.Printf("Value: %v\n", s.Interface())

func main() {
    b := Book{}
    b.Title = "Learn Go Language"
    b.Year = 2014
    m := make(map[string]*Book)
    m["1"] = &b

    process(m, false, true)

Is there any way to convert interface{} to map and iterate or get it’s elements.