Exited with code 0 docker

'm trying to launch container using docker-compose services.But unfortunetly, container exited whith code 0 . Containers is build thanks to a repository which is from a .tar.gz archive. This archive is a Centos VM.

I want to create 6 container from the same archive. Instead of typing 6 times docker command, I would like to create a docker-compose.yml file where i can summarize their command and tag.

I have started to write docker-compose.yml file just for create one container.

Here is my docker-compose.yml :

version: '2'
   image: compose:test.1
   container_name: cubop1
   command: mkdir /root/essai/
   tty: true

Do not pay attention to the command as I have just to specify one.

So my question is, why the container is exiting ? Is there a another solution to build these container at the same time ?

Thanks for your responses.

The answer is actually the first comment. I’ll explain Miguel’s comment a bit.

First, we need to understand that a Docker container runs a single command. The container will be running as long as that process the command started is running. Once the process is completed and exits then the container will stop.

With that understanding, we can make an assumption of what is happening in your case. When you start your dvpt service it runs the command mkdir /root/essai/ . That command creates the folder and then exits. At this point, the Docker container is stopped because the process exited (with status 0, indicating that mkdir completed with no error).
Refer: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/44884719/exited-with-code-0-docker

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