Go failing - expected 'package', found 'EOF'

I’ve been having a hard time trying to execute a simple golang program in a virtual machine powered by vagrant. These are the relevant fields of my go env :


This is the program I’m trying to execute ( located in /usr/local/src/go/program ):

package program

import (

func main() {

This, the output that I get:

/usr/local/go/src/fmt/doc.go:1:1: expected 'package', found 'EOF'
package runtime:
/usr/local/go/src/runtime/alg.go:1:1: expected 'package', found 'EOF'

Take into account that this is a completely fake program. The weird thing is that it totally works in a different environment. What am I missing here?

Thanks a lot!

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Using VS Code for GO, and faced the same issue. Saving the file ‘Ctrl+S’ on Windows fixed the issue.

Reference : Answered by Nico

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