Go-libsass - Go wrapper to the 100% Sass compatible libsass project


The only Sass compliant Go library! go-libsass is a wrapper to the sass/libsass project.

To build, setup Go

go build

To test

go test

Basic example more examples found in examples

*buf := bytes.NewBufferString("div { p { color: red; } }")*
*if err != nil {*

*comp, err := libsass.New(os.Stdout, buf)*
*if err != nil {*


*if err := comp.Run(); err != nil {*



div p {
  color: red; }

Updating libsass

cd libsass-src; git fetch; git checkout vX.X.X
git commit -m "updated libsass to vX.X.X"
make update-libsass
# iterate on includes and code changes until tests pass


  • Compiling go-libsass is very slow, what can be done?Go-libsass compiles C/C++ libsass on every build. You can install the package and speed up building go install github.com/wellington/go-libsass . Alternatively, it’s possible to link against system libsass and forego C compiling with go build -tags dev .
  • How do I cross compile?Since this package uses C bindings, you will need gcc for the target platform. For windows see, https://github.com/wellington/go-libsass/issues/37

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