Go Resizing Images

I am using the Go resize package here: https://github.com/nfnt/resize

  1. I am pulling an Image from S3, as such:
image_data, err := mybucket.Get(key)
// this gives me data []byte
  1. After that, I need to resize the image:
new_image := resize.Resize(160, 0, original_image, resize.Lanczos3)
// problem is that the original_image has to be of type image.Image
  1. Upload the image to my S3 bucket
err : = mybucket.Put('newpath', new_image, 'image/jpg', 'aclstring')
// problem is that new image needs to be data []byte

How do I transform a data []byte to —> image.Image and back to ----> data []byte ?