Golang “undefined” function declared in another file?

I’m trying to write a basic go program that calls a function on a different file, but a part of the same package. However, it returns:

undefined: NewEmployee

Here is the source code:

main.go :

package main

func main() {
emp := NewEmployee()    

employee.go :

package main

type Employee struct {
    name string
    age int

func NewEmployee() *Employee {
    p := &Employee{}
    return p

func PrintEmployee (p *Employee)  {
    return "Hello world!"
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Please read “How to Write Go Code”.

Don’t use /src in your GOPATH . Packages are located in $GOPATH/src .

For build or install you need to have your files in a package directory.

For go run , you need to supply all files as argument:

go run main.go employee.go

But, you should almost always use go install , or go build (and preferably the former, as go build causes confusion when working with non-main packages)

Refer: stackoverflow.com