How does one remove an image in Docker?

Try docker rmi node . That should work.

Seeing all created containers is as simple as docker ps -a .

To remove all existing containers (not images!) run docker rm $(docker ps -aq)

The following are some of the ways to remove docker images/containers:

Remove single image

docker rmi image_name:version/image-id

Remove all images

docker rmi $(docker images -qf "dangling=true")

Kill containers and remove them:

docker rm $(docker kill $(docker ps -aq))

Note: Replace kill with stop for graceful shutdown

Remove all images except “my-image”

Use grep to remove all except my-image and ubuntu

docker rmi $(docker images | grep -v 'ubuntu\|my-image' | awk {'print $3'})

Or (without awk)

docker rmi $(docker images --quiet | grep -v $(docker images --quiet ubuntu:my-image))