How to find a type of an object in Go?

How do I find the type of an object in Go? In Python, I just use typeof to fetch the type of object. Similarly in Go, is there a way to implement the same ?

Here is the container from which I am iterating:

for e := dlist.Front(); e != nil; e = e.Next() {
    lines := e.Value

I am not able to get the type of the object lines in this case which is an array of strings.

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The Go reflection package has methods for inspecting the type of variables.

The following snippet will print out the reflection type of a string, integer and float.

package main

import (

func main() {

    tst := "string"
    tst2 := 10
    tst3 := 1.2



see: to view it in action.

More documentation here: