How to remove redundant spaces/whitespace from a string in Golang?

I was wondering how to remove:

  • All leading/trailing whitespace or new-line characters, null characters, etc.
  • Any redundant spaces within a string (ex. “hello[space][space]world” would be converted to “hello[space]world”)

Is this possible with a single Regex, with unicode support for international space characters, etc.?

It seems that you might want to use both \s shorthand character class and \p{Zs} Unicode property to match Unicode spaces. However, both steps cannot be done with 1 regex replacement as you need two different replacements, and the ReplaceAllStringFunc only allows a whole match string as argument (I have no idea how to check which group matched).

Thus, I suggest using two regexps:

  • ^[\s\p{Zs}]+|[\s\p{Zs}]+$ - to match all leading/trailing whitespace
  • [\s\p{Zs}]{2,} - to match 2 or more whitespace symbols inside a string

Sample code:

package main

import (

func main() {
    input := "   Text   More here     "
    re_leadclose_whtsp := regexp.MustCompile(`^[\s\p{Zs}]+|[\s\p{Zs}]+$`)
    re_inside_whtsp := regexp.MustCompile(`[\s\p{Zs}]{2,}`)
    final := re_leadclose_whtsp.ReplaceAllString(input, "")
    final = re_inside_whtsp.ReplaceAllString(final, " ")