Is there any way to install a specific version of AWS CLI utilityin Unix?

Have searched online but did not find anything related to this.

Does anyone know if there is any way to install a specific version of AWS CLI in Unix? Even with the AWS Documentation I didn’t find something configurable for this.

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Broadly speaking, this is how you install the AWS CLI in a Unix/Linux environment:

pip install awscli

Since it uses Python’s pip, standard version syntax applies. To install a specific version, I looked through the release notes to pick one out, then used the syntax seen in the linked stackoverflow question:

pip install awscli==1.5.0

Note that in a non-one-off case, I’d suggest giving an installable range rather than a specific version, if possible:

pip install "awscli>=1.5.0,<=1.6.0"

In this case I’ve pretended you need something that exists in the 1.5 range but was removed in 1.6. Also note the quotes are required, otherwise you will be redirecting output to a file named “=1.5.0”.