My go binaries end up in the src folder

My binaries end up in the src folder and I have no idea why. I want them to end up in gopath/bin (since that is the default? and since I don’t want binaries on git). The packages end up in gopath/pkg with their binaries in their respective folder. I don’t even know if this folder structure is considered good.

Gopath is set to the gopath folder on the D:\ drive, and gobin is not set.

go setup

As you can see in the liteIDE FAQ:

<action id="BuildAndRun" img="blue/buildrun.png" key="Ctrl+R;Ctrl+F7" task="Build;Run"/> <action id="Install" menu="Build" img="blue/install.png" key="Ctrl+F8" cmd="$(GO)" args="install $(INSTALLARGS)" save="all" output="true"/>

  • Build And Run is a go build.
  • Install is go install

Only the latter would build your exe in GOPATH/bin.