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tiedot - Your NoSQL database powered by Golang

tiedot is a document database engine that uses JSON as document notation; it has a powerful query processor that supports advanced set operations; it can be embedded into your program, or run a stand-alone server using HTTP for an API. It runs on *nix and Windows operating systems.

tiedot has fault-tolerant data structures that put your data safety first , while easily scales to 4+ CPU cores.

tiedot has very stable performance, even with millions of records! It consistently achieves high throughput - swallow more than 120k records or 80k complicated queries per second with confidence.

Get tiedot!

tiedot is distributed under the Simplified BSD license.

The newest version 3.4 comes with general performance and compatibility improvements. Find out more in releases.

Running in Docker

Run tiedot with help from docker and docker compose:

$ docker-compose build
$ docker-compose up -d

To view the logs:

$ docker-compose logs


… and more

Contributions welcome!

tiedot is a very small project in the large open source community - it is growing fast thanks to the 800+ stars and watchers, as well as many contributors for their feedback, comments, ideas and code. Your contribution matters a lot!

Pull requests/forks all welcome, and please share your thoughts, questions and feature requests in Issues section.

Let me know what you think about tiedot, I’d love to hear from you! Please Email me, follow my Twitter and blog.

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